(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
v. t. uphold, support; transport, convey, bear; adopt; [have or keep in] stock. See transportation, store, assent.
(Roget's IV) v.
1. [To take from one place to another]
Syn. convey, move, transport, transplant, transfer, ship, cart, truck, import, transmit, freight, remove, conduct, bear, take, bring, fetch, shift, displace, waft, portage, pack, shoulder, haul, ferry, lead, convoy, relocate, relay, lug*, tote*, pack off*, schlep*; see also send 1 , ship .
2. [To transmit]
Syn. pass on, transfer, communicate, conduct, bear, transport, convey, relay, give; see also send 4 .
3. [To support, as weight]
Syn. bear, sustain, shoulder; see strengthen , support 1 , 2 , sustain 1 .
4. [To win]
Syn. be victorious, prevail, succeed; see defeat 1 , 2 , win 1 .
5. [To keep in stock]
Syn. offer, stock, deal in, display; see provide 1 , sell 1 .
be or [m1]get carried away ,
Syn. overreact, be zealous, get excited, be exuberant; see excited .
Syn.- carry means to hold and take something from one place to another and implies a person as the agent or the use of a vehicle or other medium; bear emphasizes the support of the weight or the importance of that which is carried [ to be borne on a sedan chair, to bear good tidings ] ; convey , often simply a formal equivalent of carry , is preferred where continuous movement is involved [ the boxes are conveyed on a moving belt ] or where passage by means of a channel or medium is implied [ words convey ideas ] ; transport is applied to the movement of goods or people from one place to another, esp. over long distances; transmit stresses causal agency in the sending or conducting of things [ the telegrapher transmitted the message ]
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) v.
1. convey transport, lug, haul, tote, bear, bring, transfer, *schlep.
2. support hold up, shoulder, bear, sustain, buttress.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) verb 1. To move while supporting: bear, convey, lug2, transport. Informal: tote. Slang: schlep. See OVER. 2. To cause to come along with oneself: bear, bring, convey, fetch, take, transport. See ACCOMPANIED. 3. To serve as a conduit: channel, conduct, convey, transmit. See ALLOW. 4. To make known: break, communicate, convey, disclose, get across, impart, pass, report, tell, transmit. See KNOWLEDGE. 5. To cause (a disease) to pass to another or others: communicate, convey, give, pass, spread, transmit. See MOVE. 6. To hold up: bear, support, sustain. See OVER. 7. To sustain the weight of: bear, hold, support, uphold. See SUPPORT. 8. To hold on one's person: bear, have, possess. Informal: pack. See OWNED. 9. To conduct oneself in a specified way: acquit, act, bear, behave, comport, demean1, deport, do, quit. See BE. 10. To proceed on a certain course or for a certain distance: extend, go, lead, reach, run, stretch. See REACH. 11. To be accepted or approved: clear, pass. See ACCEPT. 12. To be endowed with as a visible characteristic or form: bear, display, exhibit, have, possess. See SHOW. 13. To have as an accompaniment, a condition, or a consequence: entail, involve. See START. 14. To have for sale: keep, stock. See KEEP.

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